Fun outdoor activities to motivate your kids

(ARA) – These days it’s not uncommon for children to spend more time in front of the TV and computer than they do playing outside. When the weather is nice, this leaves many parents a bit perplexed.

Keeping kids physically active is an important part of a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. So how do you get your kids excited about going outside? Here are some ideas sure to get you and your kids fired up about outdoor fun.

The many benefits of a garden

Involving kids in planting and nurturing a garden is a good way to get them outside and teach them responsibility at the same time. Start by researching appropriate planting times and plants that will grow in the hardiness zone where you live. Consider taking the kids to a local farm that allows you to pick your own fruits, and vegetables.

After you’re done, take the fun one step further by picking a healthy recipe you can all make together. Fruits are great for all-natural frozen popsicles, salads and bakery items like muffins. Veggies can be easily used in pasta recipes or as side items.

A simple walk has never been more fun

A family walk is not only quality time spent together, but it gets muscles moving. Enjoy your community and take a walk to your favorite park, playground or beach. If you have little ones, use a wagon. It’s a great alternative to strollers with a 360 degree view and tots enjoy the fun ride.

Make an afternoon of it and pack a picnic lunch. Don’t forget to keep it healthy — make sandwiches ahead of time, pack fruits, snacks and other favorites along with water and juice boxes so everyone stays hydrated as they play.

Plan a nature treasure hunt

It’s no secret that kids love games. A game of tag or soccer is always fun, but how about planning a unique activity to get them excited about being outdoors? Consider planning a scavenger hunt that incorporates items from nature.

Plan ahead and create a list of things that you could find in your area. Include some easy-to-find items and others that are more difficult to locate. To make it more educational, add photos to items on the list they might not recognize so they can learn as they hunt. For example, add a photo of different kinds of leaves, flowers, rocks or feathers and have the kids seek them out.

Organise a group scoot

A great alternative to bikes is the scooter, and kids are taking notice. First, make sure your child has a safe scooter to ride on. Always remember a helmet is a smart idea no matter what type of scooter your child rides.

Once your young rider is ready, get a group of their friends together and go on a group scooter adventure. Choose a specific name for your group and ride through the neighborhood or park. Don’t be surprised if it becomes a weekly activity.

Today’s kids might need a little encouragement, but once you get them involved in some exciting and new outdoor activities, they’ll be asking to play outside more often rather than sitting in front of the computer or television.

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