Youth Assembly message hits home

The Cayman Islands Youth Assembly membership has, ‘Hit the nail on the head’, said Youth Minister Mark Scotland after hearing views on the decline of the family.

Also noting their awareness of the impact of the financial crisis on the Cayman Islands, Mr. Scotland said: ‘All should take note that our young people have a keen interest in the country’s future. They selected relevant topics and showed a remarkable understanding of the challenges we face.’

Mr. Scotland was speaking at meeting of the 2008/9 sitting of the youth assembly where he was formally presented with copies of its position papers, entitled The Declining Role of Parents and the Impact on Young People and The Global Economic Crisis and its Impact on the Cayman Islands.

He expressed support for the programme and promised to raise the assembly’s profile. ‘I will make sure these views are heard and will surely include your suggestions as Cabinet deliberates on this year’s priorities,’ he said.

‘My ministry remains committed to meet the needs of our youth. However, I strongly feel that many of the problems are a direct result of a lack of parenting. We therefore will also work towards building a support system for parents so they will be able to spend more time with their children.’

Youth Assembly President Brittanni Seymour thanked the minister for his support, and called on young people to get involved in their country’s future, saying: ‘The Cayman Islands Youth Assembly gives credence to our input and has succeeded in shedding some light on many of the concerns facing our youth and Cayman in general.’

Currently in its second year, the assembly is an initiative of the 2000 National Youth Policy, and was started as an advocacy group for Cayman’s young people.

This year’s position papers will be tabled in the Legislative Assembly in September after which the documents will be available to the public as well.

The assembly’s 2008 submissions (Education and Local Employment and The Environment and Overdevelopment) are available at . For more information on CIYA, call Youth Services’ Programme Officer Ewort Atkinson on 943-1127 or [email protected].

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