Hoop it up indoors

The door is not quite shut on indoor basketball.

The deadline for the upcoming indoor league has been extended and locals can still get in on the action.

Teams have until the end of tomorrow to register for the Cayman Islands Basketball Association Indoor League.

Originally the deadline was set for last Tuesday with games starting tomorrow. However those events had to be re-scheduled as the Island Living Show is slated to take place at the same venue.

CIBA Competition Chairman Collin Anglin added additional details on the rescheduling.

‘Property Manager for Camana Bay Sports Facilities Jeff Wight told me the show needed more time to set-up. After that we decided to just hold back on the opening.’

League games start next Tuesday at the Camana Bay Arts and Recreation Center located on the Cayman International School compound.

The Center has an indoor court with a shock-absorbing surface and retractable bleachers that can seat up to 400 people.

Action will span across four divisions in men’s one, men’s two, women’s and masters (for those 40 years of age and over).

Matches are slated to be played Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Each game is slated to consist of two 20 minute halves instead of four 10 minute quarters.

Though news of the league came out roughly a month ago, Anglin states the level of interest has been high.

‘We have seen a good level of interest. People are excited to play inside and they want to play more. To be able to have something, basketball-wise, to do in the summer is a welcome change.’

The league is expected to conclude early September and include a four team, single elimination playoffs.

Team fees are still CI$750 per team and the entrance fee for spectators is slated to be CI$2. There is no sponsor for the league at this time.

As the league is funded solely on registration fees, teams are asked to note there will be no extensions.

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