Community joins kids at Bonaventure for fun day

A festive atmosphere reigned during the open day at Bonaventure Boys Home recently.

This year’s event featured a range of fun activities including art and crafts display, quadrille dancing, fashion show, North Side Kitchen Band, candy making, drumming and thatch plaiting.

Traditional quadrille dancing

Dancers demonstrate traditional quadrille dancing.
Photo: Shurna Robbins

One teenager said that she was proud to demonstrate quadrille dancing and participate in the fashion show to an enthusiastic audience. The performers only had a few hours to prepare for the presentation, but she felt they had done well, given the time constraints.

‘It was exciting to do the quadrille dancing,’ she said. ‘Our ancestors used to do this dance and it is part of our history.’

Another female teenager said modelling in the fashion show was a lot of work but also fun.

‘There was a lot of rushing around, trying to put on the different outfits, some casual and then go back and find put something on more formal,’ said the teen. ‘But I felt good about it.’

Social Services Minister Mike Adam chatted with many of the young people and their families at the event, and was shown a wide range of handicrafts including quilts, jewellery, pillow slips and woodworking projects.

‘The CAYS Foundation serves an important role within the community and in the lives of our youth,’ said Mr. Adam.

This event reinforced his belief there should be more opportunities to allow children to do craft and sporting activities throughout the community, said Mr. Adam.

This annual event is hosted the Children and Youth Services Foundation. Foundation CEO Angela Sealey said the open day was important, because it gives parents another opportunity to see how much progress their children are making in a positive atmosphere.

About 75 people attended the annual open day including family members, guardians and people from the community.

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