Promote Caymanian heritage

I am fully in agreement with the Mr. McKeeva Bush with his thinking in changing the name of the festival from Pirates Week to something more appropriate that will show more of the real Cayman heritage such as the seafaring history and its importance in the development of the Islands as they are today I am sure that there are ways to get the cooperation of other countries that have tall ships, schooners etc. that would participate in such a festival.

As a retired Master Mariner who was born and grew up in West Bay I do think there is a lot more that could be done in showing the importance of the seafaring population, what they did and in a much smaller way still doing for the Islands.

The pirates theme can still be incorporated in the festival, but should not be the dominating aspect, as Caymanians to my knowledge had or have no connection to piracy.

I’m not saying that pirates did not use the Islands in some of the past centuries; however, that part of history was not participated in by Caymanians.

Floyd De Osca

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