Keep Pirates Week name

How absurd!

My family has been visiting the Caymans for Pirates Week festivals lots of times over the past eight years or so.

The Caymans already have several cultural festivals like Batabano, Cayfest, etc. Why create another one? Pirates Week was a fun and tame event with a harmless theme. We reside in New York and some of the Broadway shows attract thousands of people from all over the world. Why? Because they are different.

Renaming a popular event like Pirates Week just to appease the church and their injudicious values is as imprudent as it is detrimental to your tourist market.

According to the founder of Pirates Week, and I quote: ‘Daughter of the founder of Pirates Week, the late Jim Bodden, Mrs Mary Trumbach, said ‘Changing the name is an insult to my father’s memory and to me and my family.”

So you have the brilliant Mr. Bush saying he doesn’t even have a particular name in mind but is just ‘thinking along the lines of something like ‘Heritage and Cultural Week”. What is the difference between that and Batabano? Or Cayfest? How many tourists do you think are going to travel hundreds of miles to go to something that sounds as boring as that?

Look around a little and see what the most popular festivals are called that attract thousands of people from all over the world. Then compare things like Rio’s Carnival to some lame Cayman Heritage Culture Week. How many people do you think will go to see that? Pirates Week was an exciting sounding event, I met lots of people there every time I went.

Why don’t you just have one festival that lasts a month or two and call it – Cayman Religion and Sermon with gospel singers and a different preacher every day telling all the sinners to put out their cigars and stop drinking beer. Yeah, that would really bring you a lot of tourists.

And what happened to Taste of Cayman? Was that renamed to something more church pleasing?

The Caymans used to be a fun place to go. The last few years though, I don’t know. Big Ritz in the middle of Seven Mile Beach, no more golf course unless you’re at the Ritz, Rum Point bussing in herds of cruise ship people. Sounds more like Miami than any cultural island. But change a few names and that will make it all better. Yeah, right.

Jean Constance

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