Don’t let Islands corrode

Like many people who discovered the three Cayman Islands so many years ago, I am too dismayed over the violence that seems to be overtaking Caymanian society.

As many of my Caymanian friends know, my family has been travelling to all three Islands since the 1970s–a few times spending more than six months at a time on each Island.

Until recently the lack of violence is one thing that attracted us to the islands.

We would not travel to many of the other Caribbean islands, no matter the beauty because of the danger there.

Now, as I read the Compass and hear from friends there, I fear that Cayman is becoming one of those places we stayed away from.

Is this just becoming the accepted norm?

Cayman families have traditionally been so strong and loving. I know that to be the case in many instances.

Are Cayman values still solid?

Please do not let the Island become another Jamaica-type Caribbean destination. Our prayers are with you as you face this major problem.

Jerry Burton

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