GT traffic light removed

Twenty-seven years after the first set of traffic lights were erected in Cayman, they have been removed from central George Town.

traffic light removed

Traffic light on the corner of Shedden Road and Harbour Drive has been removed. Photo: Norma Connolly

The signal at the corner of Shedden Road and Harbour Drive has been removed after its anchor bolts and mast arm became severely corroded in its harbour-front location.

‘We were afraid that it might come down unexpectedly in a high wind,’ explained Brian Tomlinson of the National Roads Authority.

Mr. Tomlinson was the project engineer in charge of erecting the traffic signal at the junction in 1982.

The lights were originally mounted on cables suspended from wooden poles.

He said that traffic patterns had changed and new roads that had been built since the early ’80s had redistributed traffic.

‘Our analysis indicated that the intersection would work just fine without a signal and only a stop sign on Shedden Road.

‘By reverting to this type of traffic control at the intersection, we also save approximately $100,000 by not having to replace the foundation, pole, and mast arm assembly,’ Mr. Tomlinson said.

He added: ‘We also avoid severe disruptions to the motoring public by not having to carry out a major construction project in very tight quarters.’

Traffic coming along Shedden Road to join Harbour Drive are now faced with a stop sign and flashing red light, while cars on Harbour Drive have right of way.

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