East Ender seeks to improve district

It’s no secret Cayman is getting increasingly violent. Much focus has shifted to the youth and ensuring they are kept out of harm’s way.

The result is a plethora of summer initiatives. However one camp and its chief volunteer are a bit different from the rest.

Last week this newspaper stated the coming of the East End sports group.

The initiative is organized by the Department of Sports with Deputy Director Collin Anglin having the most hands-on role.

The group is designed with the intention of bringing together young people and sports.

One of the people who has played a big part organizing the group is Vernie Watler-Harris. The East End resident is in charge of organizing volunteers for the group.

As she states her involvement in the camp stems from a deep-seated desire to improve the East End neighbourhood.

‘We have a lot of kids walking the streets doing nothing. For a lot of them they are too far from George Town and for whatever reason they can’t take part in camps there.

‘I don’t think that should remain the case and I feel the group I’m a part of is an avenue to bettering themselves. The group will ensure those young people have something to do.’

Mrs. Harris has seen solid feedback from the community as 17 people have stepped forward to pledge their assistance.

Among the areas those persons will help with are coaching, supervision and officiating.

In addition to coordinating volunteers, Harris has been busy liaising with community officer Delmira Bodden and spending time with some of the youth in the district. Over the last few weeks she says the youth have told her their preferences in sports.

‘I been working with the community officer and asking the kids what sports they like. So far they have said netball, football and basketball.’

Harris has more than a passing interest in sports. She has son in Arvid Harris who plays for Bodden Town Football Club.

Arvid, 17, played a big role in the club’s success beating Cayman Athletic Sports Club for the U17 FA Cup in May.

However Arvid’s mom has a broader sporting pedigree. According to her she was an active part of Cayman’s sports scene.

‘When I was younger and fitter I did netball and I also used to play women’s football in a corporate league.

‘Hopefully the coming sports program for East End can lead to other groups being formed and more involvement from the public in sports which can only help the community.’

The group is set to get going next month in East End with a venue yet to be announced.

Once the East End group gets going the Department of Sports plans to launch a similar operation in West Bay.

Discussion at this stage hinges on running a five-a-side football programme with teams from all the various areas of West Bay.

  • For more information call Vernie Watler-Harris at 938-8024 or e-mail her at [email protected].

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