They’re trying to change us

When this gay cruise arrives, be prepared to be disgusted.

I have been to Disney when this group staged a gay-in. It is absolutely out of control. If you are with your kids at a hotel pool and the participants want to enjoy a sex act in the hot tub, look out.

If you say something to management, they call their friends to out number anyone who could complain. They engage in harassment until the management backs down and the family atmosphere is damaged forever.

I am not saying that gays should be banned. There are many family oriented gay visitors that I am sure no one on the Island even noticed. This group is not that. They are staging this to be in your face and get Cayman to accept their style of public lewdness. They want us to ‘get used to it.’

You really have to ask why, with so many sites in the Caribbean that are gay friendly, this cruise is coming here.

Well the answer is they are trying to change us!

Mike Hogan

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