Pirates part of heritage

Please let Pirates Week remain as Pirates Week.

I do not understand why we, as islands in the Caribbean, want to say that pirates have not been here. If that is the case why was the Bodden Town Slave Wall built and Fort George?

For that matter, we should change the name of Bloody Bay in Little Cayman, since that supposedly got its name when the British Royal Navy had a battle there with pirates and claims that the bay ran red with pirates’ blood.

I remember reading about this in 1977. What happened to that part of our Cayman history? It was not on a whim why they called it Pirates Week. Back then there was a lot of participation by several branches of the government doing parade floats and there was also school marching bands playing in the parade.

There are also other pirates’ festivals all over the United States and other Caribbean islands like St. Thomas. Nevis and the Bahamas. Remember that this was designed to give tourism a little boost during the slow period of the year and the ‘hook’ was to get travellers here. How many travellers do you think would come if it had been named ‘Cayman Cultural Week’?

Brenton Parsons

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