Toastmasters mark historical year

For Better Listening, For Better Thinking, For Better Speaking is the motto of the Grand Cayman Toastmasters Club resounded triumphantly from Casanova on June 29, 2009, as the club celebrated another milestone and record-breaking year. ‘The success is attributable to the hard work we’ve been doing to grow the Club and promote Toastmasters in our community.’ said Toastmasters President Gregg Anderson.

The 2008/2009 year saw the doubling of membership whilst earning two Smedley awards and an award for Special Distinguished Club in the process.

The club’s history book was further highlighted by the addition of two competent communicators and two competent leaders, as well as by the invitation of two of its members to conduct workshops at the recent Caribbean Toastmasters conference, the first such invitation for this speaking club.

Outgoing president Gregg V. Anderson was lauded for his outstanding leadership that propelled the club through the numerous obstacles faced. The occasion also welcomed Charlotte Chung, Marius Gaina, Melissa Salmon and Daniel Bissoondial as new club members, who were inducted by founding member George Ebanks, CTM.

Founding member Annick D. Jackman, ACG, ALB, inducted the new executive committee for the 2009/2010 year. Sharon Marcussen was inaugurated as the 10th president.

Mrs. Marcussen joined the Toastmasters club in October 2008 and shortly after assumed the responsibility of Vice President of Education. Since joining she has been a source of encouragement for new members. ‘Your wish is our command,’ she declared as she invited the members to participate in a dialogue and partnership with the new executive committee.

Other Officers installed include: Charlotte Chung, vice president of education; Merrell McCann, vice president of membership; Melissa Salmon, secretary; Daniel Bissoondial, treasurer; and Sherene Mullings, sergeant at arms. At a subsequent meeting, Eric Vassell was elected as the vice president of public relations.

The Toastmasters Club is one of over 11,700 Toastmasters clubs around the world. Members will improve their communication and leadership skills through step by step development programs. The club continues to grow from strength to strength and provides ample opportunities for its members.

The club meets each Thursday at 6pm at Woods Furniture & Design in George Town. Guests are always welcome.

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Gregg Anderson, Immediate Past President; Merrell McCann, Vice President Membership; Sharon Marcussen, President; Melissa Salmon, Secretary; Charlotte Chung, Vice President Education and Daniel Bissoondial, Treasurer.