Gays are not bad people

No matter what some of us may want to think, gays are human beings too and they cry and laugh just like we do.

I do not know why some people are trying to make them into some monsters. I’m not ashamed to say, some of my best friends are gays. They are funny, kind and compassionate.

I absolutely have no problem with the ship visiting here; my problem is with people on this Island who have no self control.

We have gays in Cayman by the thousands in every department in Cayman; gays who don’t care two hoots about your comments, and the closet gays.

I say let the gay ship come, welcome them like any other cruise ship and then go about your business.

Some people think that these people are some monsters who will attack you. If you go looking for that, then that is what you should get.

Some may not like my comments, but I split justice, and some of my best friends are gays.

Gays are not deceitful and bad minded, they are straight faced, like it or not.

Your gay friend will be the first person to sit by your bedside if you are not well. He will be the first to lend you money to pay your bills and won’t talk about it.

He will give you a job when no one else will. I’ve never seen a broke gay yet, always independent and trustworthy. They are intelligent, passive and funny. Don’t rain on their parade and they won’t flood your garden.

Twyla Mae Vargas