Give Caymanians government jobs

One really hard decision is the one that is being proposed to cut some of the fat of the civil service.

While a lot of the ideas toward saving on utilities, supplies and other necessities are a good start, there is a very glaring cost cutting measure that will not be so easy to digest for some people: replacing work permit holders.

Every morning I hear Caymanians calling in on radio shows understandably very upset about being unemployed. The first thing that should be done after someone has registered with the DER is for the employment agency to go look into government ministries and find where people are on work permits and see where they can be replaced with a Caymanian.

If the expatriate is in a management or high position simply promote the Caymanian under him, which frees up space for Caymanians to move up the ladder in their respective ministry and opens up a spot for someone unemployed straight out of high school to get their foot in the door.

The immigration rules state that if someone is on a work permit and a Caymanian is eligible for the job, then the Caymanian has right to that job. This has to apply to government as well.

I see absolutely no reason that we should have Caymanians out of work when we have foreign nationals on work permits doing entry level jobs here in the government.

I am proposing to all heads of government entities to look at this option first as a way to both cut cost and stimulate growth as all of a sudden you are adding people into the economy who will spend their money here.

Brian Ebanks