Must reach young men

For the writer whose comments are that ex-pats are running from crime in the states only to complain about crime here: Can you be any more in the dark about the real issue?

The issues are wherever we might be from, we now live here and for the size of this place crime is out of control. I could be considered an ex-pat as I was born and raised in New York City. Yet, I too am Caymanian, by descent. I returned here to live 11 months ago. Crime is major here and it starts with our youth. Since arriving I’ve read the stories of young men finding death in the streets. After the election I wrote this very same paper stating I’d be watching the new government. Well, I have and we MUST reach these young men who are tarnishing what Cayman stands for. We must touch these men so they do not feel out of the circle. If they’re not caring about self then how can we hope for them to care of others? It must be an effort of all, not just a few. Officer Wong, Community Officer in George Town has some great ideas. We all need to listen and pitch in, otherwise the only pitching we’ll be doing in the dirt onto another grave of one who has died to young!

Tyris General