Bikers dazzle Abacus

Most times bikes are most glamorous when they are soaring on asphalt.

Some times they can create a stir just from staying still in one spot.

Last weekend some of Cayman’s most eye-catching motorcycles were on display at Camana Bay.

Bikes, Camera, Action launched into action on Saturday beside the Abacus restaurant.

The event is a partnership between Lisa Lee Promotions and the Street Sweepers bike crew.

Lisa Lee Promotions, headed by Lisa Hoyte, is a modelling agency on-island that creates young women between the ages of 18-23.

The Street Sweepers crew is a relatively new motorcycle enthusiast group, headed by Jamie McLaughlin, which encourages safe riding and responsible living.

Originally the event was expected to have a little over 30 bikes. However close to 50 bikes passed through during the daytime and in the evening.

Most of the Lisa Lee models came out for the night-time photo-shoot but a few stopped by during the day to heat things up a bit.

Among them was a pair of relatively new models in Sarah Dombowsky and Cassian Lawrence. Cassian has a particularly sporty background as she plays women’s basketball.

Dozens of curious onlookers flanked the bikes during the day from 12 noon. Families, young adults and a few models flanked the two wheel machines admiring all the curves and colours.

A select few came armed with cameras to pose and take pictures with bikes and their owners.

One of the most uplifting parts of the event was that part of the proceeds was donated to local charity Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Book Nook added to the contributions with two gift certificates to the charity.

The event was not only a success for the organizers but for the bikers involved.

Many bikers, like Mark Solomon, thought similar displays should happen in the near future.

‘It turned out pretty good. I hope the guys do more of these events. I have a video production company (Las Tortugas Productions Ltd.) and I’ll record all the sights and sounds and upload videos to places like Youtube.’

Solomon is the owner of a 2006 Kawasaki ZX10, which stands out prominently with its bright green hues and Monster Energy decals. It was brought in to Cayman from Miami in street legal form.

The bike has gone through extensive modifications that affect both its aesthetics and performance. The bike is lowered, been lengthened through the use of extensions and has a number of engine upgrades (most of which Solomon declined to elaborate on).

Another biker looking forward to more bike shows is Joseph Hydes. The motorsports aficionado is the son of local racer Junior Hydes (of Hydes and Sons).

Joseph, 25, came out in his father’s stock 1991 Kawasaki ZX-7. He thought the show went well due to the large amount of people who came out.

‘It was my first time doing this kind of thing and being part of a large gathering such as this. It was a decent get-to-together.

‘It stopped a lot of young people from being idle. It should be more often like every couple weeks or once a month.

‘To me it’s an opportunity for youngsters to come out and have something to do. It also makes people more careful and aware.’

Hydes stood out from a lot of the attendees in that he does not own a bike of his own and only rides his dad’s occasionally.

As he states that happening comes out of a commitment to his family than anything else.

‘My dad’s bike is a cool old-school machine. It’s good to take it for a little cruise once in awhile. On the other hand if I don’t ride it, it won’t move.

‘I want to have a bike but I have three young daughters I’d like to race as well but that’s just not an option with kids because anything could go wrong.’