Flag guys love their bikes

Typically sports attract people of all backgrounds.

Motorsports is the same as police officers, entrepreneurs and civil servants are among those into the local racing scene.

In Cayman motorcycles continue to draw riders from all walks of life, even though drag racing at Breakers is in limbo.

The latest bike aficionados are flag football players in the form of Brad Connolly and Neville Morgan.

Connolly is a star wide-out and play-maker for the Caybrew Farm Soldiers. He had a starring role on the team which won last year’s national title.

Morgan is a cornerback for the Hammerhead Pirates. His defensive efforts are a big part of the Pirates having just one loss on the season thus far.

Both were at the Bikes, Camera, Action event at Camana Bay over the weekend.

That event was put on by Lisa Lee Promotions in conjunction with the Street Sweepers bike crew.

The idea of which was to raise the notoriety of bikes on-island and the modelling agency.

Close to 50 bikes came out to the event. Among the more notable bikes was the chromed-out Yamaha R1 of West Bayer Brevon Scott.

Conolly, 24, was at the show sporting a burgundy red 2007 Yamaha R1 with a 1000cc engine.

The bike is lowered with a lowering link that drops the chassis three inches, sports after-market paint and chrome accessories including the clutch and brake levers.

As he states the bike is more for easy riding than racing.

‘I don’t go racing at the track though I got plenty of speed behind me. The R1 is one of the biggest series of bikes and is such a powerful machine. I actually lowered the bike not for racing but to reduce chances of a wheelie when accelerating. It’s more of a safety thing than for performance.’

Morgan, 24, meanwhile came with a white 2004 Suzuki GSX-R with red and black wheels and a 1000cc engine.

As he states his bike is relatively stock, aside from the visual upgrades.

‘It has a spray paint job and decals but nothing has been done to the engine.’

In Connolly’s eyes the show was a great display of bikes and togetherness.

‘It went good and things were very smooth. No one fass with anyone’s bike. It was an invitation to everyone with a bike and everyone came and showed their support.

‘I was impressed that even though it was a show for a club everyone came.’

Morgan was left feeling similarly amazed saying it was a good turnout and he was impressed.

Both young men are not new to bikes and date their passion for bikes well before their yearning for pigskin dominance.

‘I’ve been riding for awhile,’ Connolly said. ‘I have had my bike license from 2001. I’ve had the R1 since last November. The bike I had before that was a 2002 Suzuki GSX-R with a 750cc engine.

‘I usually ride with a group of guys from George Town and West Bay. We meet up on the weekends and ride to places like Rum Point and East End.’

‘I’ve had my bike for nine months now,’ Morgan said. ‘I’ve had a few other Suzukis before it over the years.’

With Cayman being a small place it is inevitable their paths would cross. Outside from their encounters on the field both are actually good friends.

‘Morgan is one of the main people I ride with,’ Connolly said. ‘We have been cool from a long time. It was good seeing him out there chilling and showing off his ride.’

‘It was good Brad could turn out to support it,’ Morgan said. ‘We knew each other from riding and other places.’

In spite of their ability to be dominant on the field both are drawn to the feeling of power bikes can provide.

Morgan, who is older brother to local sports stars Carl and Carlos Morgan, says bikes and flag football give two different adrenaline rushes.

‘I use my bike mostly for weekends, bike shows and the occasional race at Breakers,’ Morgan said. ‘The look and power of the bikes is what draws me in. I’m a Suzuki man through and through.

‘It’s a big difference. You can’t compare the two of them. It’s a different rush I get from riding a bike versus playing a sport.’

Connolly, originally from Cayman Brac, meanwhile points to the immense feeling of control he gets from both.

‘I love the feeling you get when you ride a bike. It’s hard to put it into words but it’s a different feeling from a car. You ride freer and you have a better sense of what the bike is capable of.

‘Playing flag is something different though kind of similar. With both of them you know you’re in charge though flag is definitely my thing.’

Ultimately both promise to have their rides looking even more astounding for the next show.

‘Seeing all of those bikes encouraged me to do more to my bike,’ Connolly said. ‘I saw a couple of things I liked on other people’s bikes. For the next show there will be some changes. A new paint job and a new exhaust are a couple of things I can do to step it up.’

‘I’m looking forward to the next event,’ Morgan said. ‘I’m going to do some upgrades with the visuals with a body kit and some other things.’