Breakers delights many car lovers

Racing’s shift back to Breakers is being greeted with open arms.

Proof of that can be seen in the feelings of drivers and spectators at the latest Time Attack dexterity race put on at Breakers Speedway last weekend.

One fervent supporter of the move is local racer Ian Charlery. A traffic officer by day, Charlery is a regular Time Attack competitor.

In fact at this month’s race Charlery finished third in the Rear-Wheel Drive class behind the wheel of his new toy: a 1993 black five speed turbo Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T.

For Charlery Breakers is the best setting for racing in Cayman.

‘The event was great and Breakers is probably the best place to have Time Attack. It seems safer and it’s a much more racer-oriented environment.

‘The track is real slippery but you learn to control your vehicle. It’s a learning experience and it prepares you for harsher conditions.’

Most might remember Charlery for his exploits behind the wheel of a grey Honda S2000. He has since sold the car and says he’s intent on riding his Skyline to victory.

‘I sold the S2K mainly because it gave a lot of problems. The Skyline I have now is in its standard RWD trim and the only thing I’ve really done to it is add Tein coil-overs.

‘It’s not an ideal car for Time Attack but with the right modifications it can be done. I have to keep showing up and winning a top three spot to solidify my place in the championship.’

Charlery is firmly in the mix for a title as he is just on top of the RWD class.

As he states he has plenty of competition that will make a title run hard.

‘Guys like John Godfrey are a force and he is certainly awesome in his Toyota Supra. Then there is Karen Bodden in the Porsche Cayman who has no fear whatsoever. Plus I have to watch for Peter Jurgens who is coming back on the scene armed with a Nissan Silvia S15.’

Among the spectators who enjoyed their time at the track was Marsha-Ann Thompson.

Thompson, originally from Jamaica, says the track still holds its charm.

‘It was actually my first time out to the track. I really enjoyed it and I was fascinated with the vehicles going fast as always.

‘I loved seeing the cars putting on a show. I really liked it when the black Skyline went round and round the center cone.’