Call to attend job fair

In response to the headlines regarding the poor turnout at a recent Ritz Carlton job fair I have to say I’m really disappointed at this.

A few things have to be stated about the hospitality and tourism industry before anyone decides to get into it.

1) Its not glamorous…..

You will most likely not be working 9-5 Monday to Friday and you may have to work a lot of hours.

2) ….so is the pay. (Starting off)

When you first start off in this industry you most likely won’t be making a salary comparable to the financial industry jobs. However, with your base pay plus gratuities a lot of hotel employees make a very nice income affording them all the luxuries that other jobs offer.

3) Upward mobility can be quick.

If you show true desire and commitment to your job no matter in what aspect of the industry you work in, the chance for upward mobility is high and many people rise from the bottom to the top fairly quickly.

With these three things stated, I’m calling on all Caymanians in the 20-30 age group to go out and attend the next fair on August 11th to see exactly what is being offered and if it’s something you re interested in as a career or even something just to pay the bills.

With the amount of jobs stated to be available and the number of Caymanians listed with the DER there should be no reason why most if not all of these 50 jobs can be filled by Caymanians. Let’s use this as the time to get into our own industry and change the face of it back to where it was when tourism first came to Cayman in the 1960s.

Brian Ebanks