Letters policy

The Caymanian Compass welcomes and encourages the submission of letters to the editor. However, editing privileges are reserved on any items submitted.

Items will be edited for length as space allows. Grammar and spelling corrections will be made and rewriting may take place.

Libelous material is never allowed. An item containing information which could be construed as libel will not be printed.

Letters to the editor are reserved for individual comment on a subject and should follow these general guidelines:

Thank you letters are not accepted.

Letters should not be more than 500 words in length. The shorter the letter, the more likely it will be read.

Letters must be signed and include address. Phone numbers and email addresses are also advised in case something needs to be checked or verified.

The Compass will not honour requests to withhold names but welcomes all letter writers. Writers who wish to remain anonymous are encouraged to continue writing letters to the editor, but must include their name and telephone number. Many of those letters will reveal wrongs that need to be righted, which this newspaper, on review of the letter, will endeavour to do.