Maples go a touch ahead

After only two rounds of play the AndroGroup Summer Touch league has witnessed an astonishing 200 tries scored throughout both divisions.

The feat is with little wonder when teams like Maples 1 are finding their stride over winter touch league champions Ogier with a 13-0 hammering.

Scott McDonald had the Midas touch for Maples running in five tries with Aaron Dong following close behind with three tries.

Thanks to Maples’ massive win they are now top of Division 1 alongside the 5 Nations who also recorded their second win.

In the Second Division Maples 2 are matching their premiership division counterparts with two wins and no losses but GCM are not far behind only trailing Maples 2 by small points difference of two tries.

Both GCM and Maples will be looking to consolidate their positions in the league with big wins over Titan’s Ticklers and KPMG 2 who are yet to find a win after two games.

Division Two is proving to be a much closer run one with no big one sided victories and with its share of drawn games early on.

Campbells, Titan Ticklers, KPMG 2 and Deloitte 2 all recorded draws in league 2 with nail biting games. Deloitte 2 managed to earn their draw having lead Campbells 4-2 at half time but thanks in no small part to a Johnny Doak hat-trick Campbells came back hard in the second half to lead 5-4 and only with a last gasp try for Deloitte 2 were they able to share points with Campbells.