Water cannon salute greets CAL

Cayman Airways received a nice 41st birthday surprise last Friday in Miami.

A special water cannon salute greeted Cayman Airways flight 102 upon its arrival at Miami International Airport.

Applauding the salute from the gate were representatives from the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism: Manny Gonzalez, Regional Manager; and Ana Pichs, Regional Administrator. Also present were officials from the Miami-Dade County Airport Authority, the Miami Protocol Office and Transport Security Administration.

‘From the ticket counter to the gate, guests on every flight bound for Cayman were greeted with a festive atmosphere of true Caymanian hospitality, including Caribbean music by Patrick Holgate and many refreshments,’ said Cayman Airways’ Miami Station Manager Dave Gibson, noting that the Department of Tourism sponsored and assisted with the day’s festivities. ‘It was a great day for our staff and our guests.’

Mr. Gibson said the DoT team also travelled to Tampa to participate and assist with the festivities there the following day, where the Hillsboro County Airport Authority also attended.