Several autokeep cops busy

A four-car pile up on Saturday and the pursuit of two speeding suspects Sunday kept Royal Cayman Islands Police officers on their toes this past weekend.

Officers were investigating a four vehicle pile up that occurred Saturday afternoon on West Bay Road near the entrace of Foster’s on the strand. Seven people were injured in the wreck, though police said all were expected to recover.

Police were unable to state Monday whether anyone had been ticketed in the accident.

In a second traffic-related incident, two police cars were spotted following closely behind a speeding SUV on South Church Street around mid-morning Sunday.

A police spokesperson declined to call it a chase, but witnesses did spot two patrol cars, one marked and one unmarked, following after the speeding vehicle just before 10am Sunday.

The incident ended shortly after on Thompson Drive when the individuals stopped the fleeing SUV and ran away on foot. The vehicle was seized by the suspects were not found.

No one was hurt in Sunday’s incident.