Cars show Campbell’s intent

For some time the local motorsports scene has talked about the introduction of circuit racing.

Whether it was the availability of a venue or lack of finances something always came up to hamper progress.

Cayman’s lone race track has made some steps in this area though this month may have seen its biggest move yet.

Some eight race-ready vehicles are on-island geared to take on the tight corners and overall abuse from circuit racing.

Breakers Speedway owner Robert Campbell brought them into Cayman and has been busy tinkering with them. Six are complete with the other two under going finishing touches.

Campbell’s stable of track cars boasts two Mazda Miatas, a Mitsubishi Evolution, a Nissan Silvia, a Toyota Celica GT-4, a Subaru Impreza, a Toyota Vitz and a Toyota MR-2 (which has been at Breakers for some time).

The Evolution, Celica and Silvia were at Campbell’s place of business last week and were available for an impromptu photo shoot.

From what this reporter saw the cars emphasize suspension and handling more than engine power. They are all lowered with typical racing accoutrements such as strut bars and race pedals however most of the factory interior pieces were in place.

The cars were all imported from Japan and some were even race cars in that part of the world.

All the cars have more than their fair share of safety components and handling modifications. Meanwhile performance parts have been kept to a minimum.

As Campbell states this is done to ensure focus goes squarely on safe motoring.

‘I’m keeping the cars as close to stock as possible as the cars are high performance already. As always I want to get the guys to practice safety above everything else.

‘To that end the cars have equipment such as roll cages, racing seats and race harnesses. I also have plenty of safety gear for the drivers including helmets, balaclavas (fire-proof masks that protect the head in case of fire), gloves, racing suits and shoes.’

The cars have not been gathering dust while in Cayman. As Campbell says a select few have already taken some for a spin.

‘As you know I’m in the process of training some young guys to be professional race car drivers and compete in events abroad.

‘Since the cars have been on-island I have used them in my training with those guys.’

News of the cars in the Cayman comes during a busy month for local motorsports. Between dexterity races, a drag meet and a bike show much is ongoing to satisfy enthusiasts.

The arrival and preparation of the race cars is the brightest part in the discussion about circuit racing in Cayman.

It is public knowledge that Campbell has been steadily working on sections of gravel around the drag strip that will form the basis of a circuit track.

Originally estimates were for the circuit track to be nearly finished by the end of August. However the timetable for its completion has been delayed further. At this point it would be an achievement if circuit racing were to happen by Christmas.

Nevertheless Campbell states he has done the best he could with what he has.

‘The one kilometre circuit track I am working on was supposed to be open by the start of September. Right now, though, the opening is slated to be the end of September.

‘It has been tough times and I haven’t been able to add much to the track.’