Darters aim heads forward

It is a tough time for local darts. One of its biggest figures passed away suddenly just after a relatively joyous season wrapped up.

It would be understandable if the sport took a backseat for a bit to let feelings take their course.

However the local darts association surges forward with news of its upcoming annual general meeting.

The Cayman Darts Association meeting is slated to take place Saturday September 5.

At this point Corner Pocket is expected to be the venue with all the related activities taking place at 7:30pm.

All paid members and team representatives within the association are encouraged to attend.

Food will be available and friends of the association are also welcome.

The meeting will see voting for the entire executive committee for the year from September 2009 to September 2010.

No absentee votes will be taken as members have to be present for their vote to count.

The last game of the season was played July 29. Triple Crown emerged the overall winner with Fidel Murphy’s in second.

Darts association Vice President Phillip Parsons, 46, passed away days later from a sudden heart attack in his home.

For more information about the event call Arthur Ebanks at 916-7595.