Mr. Bush’s development initiatives

I would like to thank Mr. Bush for sharing his vision for the future of Cayman with us. I am sure that there are others who agree with it. I, however, am not one of them.

It seems like Mr. Bush wants a multitude of new hotels along with a host of other new businesses that he will attract by selling more of our birthright. I say is all this really necessary? Sure we are going through a rough spot right now and some Caymanians are out of a job but this too will pass.

Do we really want thousands of new expats flooding into this little Island? We are still trying to absorb the major influx he created with the mass status grants. Why do you think we have to build more schools, build more roads, while healthcare is in its biggest rut we have seen in recent times?

While another construction boom will give government more revenue and benefit some, like real estate companies, will the average Caymanian be better off? I say probably not. Think about who benefits from that; certainly not the average Caymanian trying to own their own home who will be competing with billionaires for land and labour.

What will the quality of life be like in Cayman with a population of over 100,000? We won’t even be able to see our beautiful beaches much less go for a swim. We will continue to have to build more roads, schools, sewerage treatment plants etc. etc.

We need to get off this runaway train and take care of what we have and make it better. Mr. Bush also made a comment about bashing heads as a way to control crime.

Other countries have tried such tactics and gave up a little freedom for security and ended up with no freedom or security. Again I say wake up Caymanians and don’t be fooled.

Ray Ebanks