Today’s Editorial August 18: Storms brewing, get prepared

It would appear the lull is over.

Those of us who find ourselves glued to the Weather Channel and local weather forecasts saw the Atlantic Basin begin to pop with tropical activity over the weekend.

We had been waiting on Ana for quite some time, but then, close on her heals, Tropical Depression 3, which became Big Bad Bill, began building.

In the meantime the system that gave us some cool breezes and showers on Saturday went into the Gulf of Mexico and by Monday morning had become Tropical Storm Claudette, pounding the shores of the Florida panhandle.

Hurricane Bill is expected to become a Category 3 storm by later this week. So far it isn’t tracking toward the Cayman Islands, but neither was Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

We would bet Tropical Storm Claudette caught many in Florida in further inland off guard and unprepared Monday morning.

Don’t let that happen in the Cayman Islands.

We know there are two systems in the Atlantic that could come into the Caribbean Sea and give us some challenges. As of this writing Ana is being steadily downgraded and could fizzle out to nothing by the time it reaches us.

Or it could get into the warm waters of the Caribbean, gain strength, shift and make our lives very difficult. God only knows what Hurricane Bill is going to do.

Now is the perfect time to inspect your hurricane supplies, from food to medicines to gasoline.

Toss out whatever has expired and replace it with new stock, especially if it is canned food.

Make sure the insurance on your home, business and vehicles is up-to-date and put important papers like passports, visas, birth certificates in a dry, safe place.

Do you have a hurricane plan? Review it with family, friends and employees.

Use this time to get prepared now. Don’t get caught off guard.