House arrest ordered for woundings

Izaza Robinson, 23, was sentenced to two years probation with the first 12 months to be spent under house arrest, after she pleaded guilty to one count of wounding and another of wounding with intent.

She was also ordered to pay each of her female victims $3,000 for their pain and suffering. One was stabbed in the stomach and the other was sliced in the neck. The women received their injuries outside the Matrix night club in October 2007.

Robinson was to go to trial in May on charges including attempted murder. She faced a maximum sentence of four and a half years

Sentencing was set for 19 June, but after hearing mitigation and reading a social inquiry report, the judge remanded Robinson in custody for a psychiatric examination because her offences seemed completely out of character.

On 17 August, Defence Attorney Ben Tonner noted the psychiatric report described Robinson as fairly normal, but with low self-esteem issues.

An incident occurred inside the club between Robinson and Teria McLaughlin when both were with separate groups of friends. The two women had been in a relationship with the same man. One account of the incident had Robinson throwing a drink; another had Robinson being burned by a cigarette, which she felt was deliberate.

A scuffle ensued and the two groups were parted by security guards. Robinson’s group was sent out the back door and the other group was escorted out the front.

The two groups met again in the parking lot. One of the guards was trying to calm Robinson down; a friend came and gave her a ratchet knife and the guard took it away. He gave it to another guard who gave it back to someone in Robinson’s group.

Robinson was irked that women in the other group were in a car and seemed to be laughing. They got out of the car saying, ‘We need to squash this now.’

Robinson said, ‘Give me the knife, give me the knife’ and it was handed to her. She dropped it and the guard put his foot on it, but she got it again and stabbed Teria in the stomach. She was waving the knife around and Lori Barnes tried to get it from her, but ended up being sliced in the neck and stabbed in the leg before someone took the knife away.

An independent witness said Robinson had been ‘boxed to the ground’ or ‘on the floor’ but it was not clear whether this happened inside or outside before the knife incident.

Justice Alexander Henderson asked if there were victim impact statements and was told no. Teria was in court; she said she was fine and her insurance covered her medical bills. Crown Counsel Jenesha Simpson said Lori had nerve damage that affected her smile.

The judge noted that Robinson was highly regard by her employers; she had impressed the probation officer with her remorse; she was relatively young and of previous good character. She had been in custody two months – adequate time to reflect on the consequences of her violent actions.

The period of house arrest allows Robinson to be absent from home for work plus one hour before and after, and four hours on Sundays to attend church. She is not to consume any alcohol or drugs, possess any knife, go within 100 feet of any bar or contact either of the women she injured. If she breaches the probation order she faces prison.