Judge slowly, embrace more quickly

It is heartening to see that we do have ‘equalisers’ on the other end with the ability be neutral and to afford equality all peoples of these islands.

I do agree fully with the MP’s point of view. The fact that it is believed that most of the people on these small islands hold the Christian faith is enough to believe that the courts here will more than likely not treat gay issues with fairness.

I am a straight heterosexual but am also compassionate to all peoples around me and hold judgement on no one, but it is time that we acknowledge gays and the fact that they have always been with us and always will, no matter what we believe about them.

All things, and I emphasize all things, have their origins with whoever or whatever is responsible for our creation, even the Christian Bible states that. So the Christians who are against gays need to be a little slower to judge and quicker to embrace, as they apply their beliefs preferentially and judgementally.

Cherry Smith