Special Olympics remembers Mrs. Shriver

Special Olympics Cayman Islands has already conveyed our deepest sympathy on the passing of Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver to her family and through Special Olympics International and regional channels.

However, we would be remiss not to make known to the Cayman community our sorrow at her passing as well as immense gratitude for her amazing life of service. Mrs. Shriver’s vision and determination has changed so many lives. Not just those of the athletes, but of their families, coaches, volunteers and the public at large as seen here in Cayman with the ever-growing number of athletes in the programme and substantially increased support of volunteers, parents and the community.

We use the word remarkable to describe her because it is a word that is all encompassing, accepting that this remarkable lady was extraordinary, amazing, notable, outstanding, significant, incredible, astonishing and noteworthy.

Her vision has enabled so many persons with intellectual disabilities to become achievers, not just with their own personal goals, but by being able to take their rightful place in society.

This has rubbed off to the benefit of all those near and dear to the Special Olympics. Let her legacy l ive forever; let the ripple effect on the stone she has tossed into the pond in Chicago so many years ago spread wider across the world.

To pick a Caribbean quote: ‘Man, she was one heck of a lady,’

Board of Directors – Special Olympics Cayman Islands