Hoopsters reach out to the youth up East

Summer sports camps have added significance this summer.

With all the negativity surrounding youngsters the camps serve as the one source of positive actions by the youth.

The most recent and arguably the last sports camp was the eastern districts basketball camp.

The free camp began this Monday and ended today at the basketball court beside the Bodden Town Civic Centre.

From 8:30am until roughly 12 noon youngsters aged 7-16 took part in a variety of drills and games that sought to develop both basketball skills and camaraderie.

The drills focused on a number of fundamentals including shooting, rebounding and dribbling.

National men’s basketball coach Daniel Augustine is the chief organizer behind the camp.

He had great assistance getting the camp running by Bodden Town football personality Elbert McLean.

Both were sponsored and had the blessing of a number of people from the Bodden Town community including MLA Anthony Eden and public figure Samuel Rose.

At the camp Coach Augustine and Coach McLean had assistance from a number of young volunteers. Among them were basketball stars Brandon Glasgow and Tikko Moore.

Both young players have had starring roles in the national youth leagues (U16 and U19) and this past season they got their first stint in the national men’s league.

The camp attracted a fair number of kids. Some 17 kids came out to the camp consistently. Yesterday was the biggest day of the camp with some 27 young participants.

In Coach Augustine’s eyes this camp is about reaching out to kids with the sport of basketball.

‘The camp was my idea and I had a lot of help pulling it off from Elbert and my sponsors. I’m simply looking for a way to get as much youngsters as I can involved in something healthy and positive.

‘With this camp I’m trying to help the kids understand the game by teaching them the basics. I believe every child and in turn every adult can be in a sport.’

Augustine (who recently came back from a basketball camp in Cayman Brac) went on to say the involvement of young players like Glasgow and Moore points to a good future for the sport.

‘It’s good seeing them out here to help. I believe as a player in basketball or any sport you should get involved in coaching in some way. This experience can be their way of giving back to the community.’

Glasgow, 16, was quite candid about his role in the camp. He stated he is doing what he can for the sport.

‘It’s a good experience because I’m always learning about the game. For me it’s humbling to teach kids younger than me.

‘With it being summer I had time on my hands and I was willing to come out and do something like this.

‘I actually saw some good talent out here. If these kids keep training they’ll be very talented.’

Moore, 16, has an interesting role in the camp as he is from the eastern districts. The East End resident said being able to help kids from his area was touching.

‘I felt good that I could give back at such an early age. It just feels so right being a guy from up that side helping kids from Bodden Town and all the districts up this way.

‘At the camp the kids I saw really settled down when they were playing. For me I saw the game bring them together and that was good.’

Based on the feedback he has received Augustine feels motivated to make the camp an annual offering.

In time he hopes the camp can shift indoors and attract more coaches and players. Augustine also feels that the camp could see a different locale in the new North Side public school currently being built.

Persons interested in the camp for the future can e-mail Coach Augustine at [email protected].