Gayle and Taylor are Cayman bound

West Indies players Chris Gayle, Jerome Taylor and past international Kenneth Benjamin are coming to town sponsored by DIGICEL.

Cayman Islands young cricketers are on line to receive valuable lessons next Wednesday and Thursday at the Smith Road Oval from 3:00pm to 5:30pm.

The visit of the Windies players is slated to be one of the biggest positives for Caribbean cricket this summer.

Up until now the Windies cricket board has been steeped in controversy for not paying players to ill-advised changes to its board members.

Cayman is the latest stop on Digicel’s promotional cricket tour to Caribbean countries this summer. In June Gayle was among those that visited Jamaica.

CICA President Courtney Myles said ‘this is another great opportunity for our youngsters to interact with international stars getting as many ideas of this wonderful game. Special thanks to Digicel for considering the Cayman Islands in this project. We look forward to many more visits as we broaden the vision of cricket development.’

The following players are requested to attend a coaching session on Saturday 29th at 9.00am at Smith Road Oval in preparation for the Stars visit.

Santangelo Bush

Ramon Sealy

Anthony Dawes

Zachary McLaughlin

Wayne Cato Junior

Darren Cato

Matthew Suberan

Sasha De Alvis

Edward Bodden

Corey Cato

Paul Laidlaw

Darado Thompson

Rueben Barnes

Dale Parker

Joeniel Bent

Deighton Parker

Gregory Davis

Rhojel Gayle

Ajani Christian

Nicholas Roberts

Michael Outar

John Tweedie

Ajani Anderson

Ricardo Roach

David Lee

Omar Willis

Jon-Mikol Rankin

Vincent Ebanks

David Connolly

Conroy Wright

Roya Ebanks

Kervin Ebanks

Shem Ebanks

Marlon Bryan

Shane Cato

Troy Taylor

Shane Jordan

Kevon Bazil

Michael Ebanks

Ronald Ebanks

Franklin Hinds Junior

Their coaches are slated to be: Andy Myles, Kirkpatrick Clarke, Pearson Best, Franklin Hinds and Theo Cuffy.

For more information interested persons are asked to e-mail the cricket association at [email protected].