Cayman volunteers made for great squash

The 2009 Caribbean Squash Championship was positive for Cayman.

The travelling teams had a good time, the organizers were pleased and Cayman did well on the whole.

Members of the three Cayman teams deserve much of the credit for the overall success with their four medals.

The men’s team claimed bronze, the women’s side nabbed silver and the veterans grabbed gold.

Chief organizer and men’s team member Dan Kneipp also deserves much credit for his efforts.

However the volunteers had a great part to play away from the courts.

Two of the unsung workers at the event were Angela Colegrave and Finley Josephs.

Both were manning the food station on the second level of the clubhouse and also handled sales of club merchandise (mostly T-shirts) on display.

A frequent volunteer at the South Sound Squash Club, Colegrave had a big smile throughout the night as she came across many pleased visiting players and spectators.

As the bubbly blonde states she was happy to take in the event.

‘This was one of the biggest crowds I had seen at the club for an event. It’s a great thing for Cayman and the sport.

‘It was so nice to hear the guys from Trinidad, Jamaica and those places say how well things went. The fact that they appreciated my work up here made it even better.’

Josephs had an interesting take on the championship as he is an avid local squash player.

The George Town native felt the crowd could have been even bigger.

‘It was a good thing with all the people and spectators so into the games. But I feel squash is still nowhere near where it could be. In Cayman I think we need to find a way to get more casual spectators out to games.

‘From what I saw most of the people here were people who played squash recreationally. That’s fine but we need to reach a greater section of people.’

The 40 year-old actually just missed making the national men’s team. He usually plays in the top local division with names like Cameron Stafford and Jake Kelly.

Josephs explained his current link with the sport.

‘Squash is a big part of my life. This is my thing. I lost about 30 pounds playing and I completely changed my diet.

‘I play four times a week and I’ve been around a number of big tournaments. In fact this was my third major international event in four years.’

Most of the notable names on the local squash scene have been playing the sport since childhood.

Josephs however is an anomaly as he has only recently got into squash.

‘I actually grew up playing badminton. My wife got me involved in squash in December 2003, just before hurricane Ivan.

‘I took to the sport right away and six years later I’m still a good player.’

Like the other volunteers Josephs has his eye set on the upcoming competitions for Cayman.

‘I’m looking forward to the next international event coming up roughly next April. I want all of Cayman to come out and watch those games.

‘Hopefully by then squash can be more of a popular sport.’