Alfredo back calling the shots

Alfredo Whittaker was returned to the post of President of the Cayman Islands Referees Association (CIRA) at its Annual General Meeting held at the Marriott Resort Grand Cayman on 16 August 2009.

Whittaker who has held this post for the past two years won on a margin of twenty-three votes to ten over his former 1st Vice President Livingston Bailey.

Timothy McLarty was elected 1st Vice President, Scott Wilson was elected 2nd Vice President, William Petit was elected Treasurer and Alastair Kay was elected Assistant General Secretary.

Whittaker said in response to his re-election that he was pleased to see the level of confidence that the referee members had placed in him and would be making sure that this year would be better than the last.

‘I am tremendously appreciative of the level of confidence that my colleagues have in me. It’s my intention to perform at my best during my new term in office.

‘I have an open door policy and I am inviting all members to meet with me at any time to discuss how we can make the association more progressive. One of the main topics on my agenda for this year is to see how best we as an executive body can improve the quantity and quality of the referees on the Cayman Islands.

‘I promise to work in agreement with the referees for the best interest of the CIRA and the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA). I look forward for your continued support going forward.’

The President of the Cayman Islands Football Association Jeffrey Webb was on hand to welcome Whittaker back on board as the head of CIRA and had this to say, ‘On behalf of CIFA I am extremely pleased with the level of growth and development exhibited by CIRA over the past years.

‘I congratulate Whittaker and his team and hope that they will continue on the path of growth and development of the referees on the Cayman Islands.

‘Football is bigger than all of us; therefore I trust that we will pull together in the interest of the game. CIFA welcomes all new members and we look forward to working closely with the Cayman Islands Referee Association in an effort to continue to advance the game of football in the Cayman Islands.’

Whittaker is a FIFA Referee and a former goal keeper of the Cayman Islands men’s national team and Scholars International Football Club. He is a senior referee who is well recognized throughout the region.

For more information contact the CIFA office at 949-5775 or email [email protected].