Stop burglars from stealing Cayman

After reading the article on ‘Burglars stealing Cayman’, I must respond.

Although the RCIP is ‘hoping’ that road blocks in the early evening will help them catch burglars, I must disagree.

My husband and I were recently out to dinner with two other couples. On the way home at around 9pm, we were stopped on West Bay Road for a car check. Perhaps a better time for road blocks would be between midnight and 6am….isn’t that when these crimes occur?

We have been part time residents since 1990. Our son was once robbed at the Lone Star four years ago. Our condo was broken into two years ago when another son was staying there. The office at our condo has been broken into twice this year. The condo truck was stolen last year. None of these crimes were ever solved.

It is very sad that Cayman is swiftly losing its ‘safe’ haven status. The government and RCIP must get this situation under control NOW. Don’t let burglars ruin such a beautiful island. Let’s not HOPE we find the criminals; let’s do it!

Karen Shearer