Creating a national black list

Please allow me to make the following contribution to our current economic crisis.

First I have a question. How is it that the Cabinet has just realised that we are in such bad financial shape? Was the Financial Secretary sleeping or on extended vacation? I just don’t understand it! As a Caymanian having lived here for 32 years of my life I don’t think that I have ever seen such a mess.

As I recall, when the campaign was going on the candidates said that they would take pay cuts if elected. Did I miss the announcement when that happened? Now really come on. Does an MLA really need to have a salary in excess of $14,000.00 per month? As a cost saving measure why don’t they take a 50 per cent temporary pay cut to ease the pressure? I think this should also apply to some of the upper echelon of the government employees.

Who really needs to make $10,000 per month right now? Oh yeah and why is the government making the full 12 per cent pension contribution for civil servants and the rest of us have to pay. Also this whole “full” health coverage has got to go! Again why do civil servants get the benefit and I don’t? This brings something to mind that I have been wondering about for a long time. I go to the hospital to pick up my medication and I see people go up to the counter and they are asked “what kind of insurance do you have”? I hear “CINICO”! They get handed their medication and leave. How is this tracked?

I have a reasonably well paying job but these days it is literally living pay check to pay check! I have to go to the gas station and pay $50 to fill up my car, and go to the grocery store and spend $100 and not even buy anything to eat! This is ridiculous! We all know well that oil fell below $65 a barrel yet we got no break. We all know well that the producers and wholesalers in the US and other countries eased back on their prices because of the recession. Did we see any benefit? The answer is NO! I feel like I am getting shafted!

I believe that recently I heard that someone issued an edict that government vehicles were not to be used for personal business yet it continues. I see senior government employees used government vehicles to go collect their lunch. I see them use the vehicles to go to the hospital to collect prescriptions. God only knows what else they are used for. I wonder if the government even knows how many vehicles it has or who has the keys to them. Things that make you go hmmm……… Cabinet is asking for cost saving measures, well how about they crack down on this situation hard!

I understand from recent articles in the press that government does not even know the value of their assets. The last valuation was done years ago. How can a government not know what it owns? There is supposed to be a system of checks and balances in place but all I seem to see is bickering in the LA between the PPM and the UDP. They need to focus on agreeing to what is good for this country and not what is good for their pockets and investments. I have wondered for quite a while how this country can function without knowing the financial status of its own ministries and other agencies. I know that recently there was uproar over unaudited financial statements. If these are so far in arrears, how can Cabinet know its true financial position? What do they do? Look at the bank balance and hope they have enough to pay the bills. Something just occurred to me. That must be what they did when they decided to build those three schools for 100’s of millions of dollars. Personally I think they got ripped off big time on that price. But then again the fill alone required for the Frank Sound school must have cost millions. What a mess!

Today we have the UPD saying the country is broke and yet talking about spending a hundred million dollars on a new cargo port. I’m going to segue here for a minute. How long have we known that Moon Bay is most often rough seas as it is subjected to the leeward winds? Whose idiotic idea was that? Anyway “we the people” have no say! We just have to “take the licks” as they come.

I have another idea. How about we immediately put Boatswain’s Beach up for sale? To anyone who has enough money to buy it. I personally would not care if the Sultan of Brunei bought it just as long as I don’t have to pay taxes on my meagre salary!

Here’s one last idea. What about immediately instituting a national lottery? I know that reverend this one and that one will raise a stink, but I ask you what is the difference between a lottery and me buying a ticket for the chance to win a car at a charity function?

I’ve said enough and my fingers hurt!

Daniel Jackson