DHL Express launches new Packaging Range

A focus on the environmental impact of its package has led DHL Express to produce a new range that has been extended with new shapes and sizes, requiring less storage space.

The international express delivery company, with a global network composed of more than 220 countries and territories and 310,000 employees worldwide, has announced the new global packaging range in a move to simplify its shipping services for customers and reduce its environmental impact.

‘This versatile packaging range really does satisfy the majority of our customers’ shipping needs,’ said Roland Thomas, Vice President Global Products at DHL Express.

‘We can manage any parcel from 500g to 25kg, cater to a variety of shapes and with our patented pallet box, we can increase the weight range to 100kg.’

The packaging is made from 100 percent recyclable material, thereby supporting DHL Express’ GOGREEN environmental protection strategy.

The DHL branded packaging range will extend from an envelope to a pallet box, and include a set of seven boxes of different sizes, two triangular tubes and four wine boxes. The new range will be available to customers in most countries around the world by late 2009, as a phased deployment plan progressively replaces current branded packaging items.

Each packaging item has been developed to minimize the amount of raw materials being used. With strength and compression resistance increased through clever design, it means the total surface area particularly of the larger box items can be reduced. Protective Styrofoam filler material is also no longer used in the new set of wine boxes.

Further customer benefits of the flat pack design are evident in the reduced storage space required and in the reduced time for assembly.