Investment insight for students

Local students now have yet another opportunity to gain experience in the world of finance, this time with an added bonus – a chance to win a trip to New York City.

Saxon Administration Ltd. (Saxon), agents for Silver Thatch Pensions encouraging all year 10 and 11 students island- wide to start a chapter of the Saxon Investment Club at their school, where it is hoped they will gain invaluable insight about investing in a hands-on environment.

‘Our current economic climate is one that can provide a great deal of insight and education in the business of investments,’ said CEO of Saxon Brian Williams.

‘Investing in our local youth is paramount to Saxon’s dedication to give back to the community. Saxon wanted to form a club for students to learn about the importance of investing, and to spark an interest in a future career in one of the financial industries.’

Students who participate will be formed into small teams within their school’s club to develop and maintain a hypothetical portfolio by picking stocks in accordance with the current market. This in turn will require them to research the companies that they have chosen for their group’s portfolio.

Along with competing for monthly performance prizes, the group with the highest-earning portfolio by the end of May 2010 will win a $3,000 cash prize, which will tentatively be used for a trip to New York City where students can visit the New York Stock Exchange and local universities.

‘We are encouraging students to invest in companies they are familiar with for their portfolios,’ said Mr. Williams.

‘Seeing the success that they will achieve from a brand or product that they use on a daily basis will help to fortify the idea that there is an opportunity to capitalize on their interests.’

The club will also provide invaluable knowledge about sound financial investing and money management through the careful planning of each group’s portfolio.

Students can register by contacting Brian Williams at [email protected] or by calling 749-2463. All schools are eligible to participate and must register by Tuesday, September 15th.