Lower airfares, attract tourists

I live in Chicago and have a place in Cayman. My family and I spent much time in beautiful Cayman Islands and have been pleased with our choice of second homes.

However, there are times we may wish to get away to Cayman but do not because airfares are so high. Anytime during high season it is cheaper for me to fly to Hawaii, a 10 hour flight, than it is to fly to Cayman a 3 1/2 hour flight. It is cheaper to fly to Mexico, Florida, Jamaica, etc.

I have no idea why airfares are always higher than the rest but this I know, there are a lot of people who would ordinarily go to Cayman but do not because of perpetually high airfares. Cayman loses on housing, transportation, food and entertainment because these people find a new destination.

It seems quite simple, lower airfares and enjoy increased sales of everything. Money coming in is a whole lot better than the alternative and in these economic times, I would think Government would be all over lowering rates.

Rob Holt