Make Cayman an amusement park

I, for one, would never revisit the Cayman Islands once a casino went in.

I was there the last week of August and respect and admire the flavour of it the way it is. The very fabric of Grand Cayman will be irrevocably altered once gambling enters the mix. McKeeva Bush, please resist this option.

If I were in any position of power, I would promote the following:

‘Imagine seeing Grand Cayman as you’ve never seen it before. Sure, you’ve probably seen it through the tiny window of the plane that landed you here. You may even have taken a helicopter tour of Seven Mile Beach.

‘But now, you’re 20 to 30 stories up, strapped into the front seat of a steel monster from the depths of the Cayman Trench… You’re hanging now, over the edge, about to plunge downward at 70 degrees, at a speed of over 80 miles per hour, aboard the only ride of its kind in the entire Carribbean: Grand Cayman’s own Flying Tortoise.

‘The first mega roller coaster this close to the equator, part of an amusement resort designed to thrill vacationers and locals. It will also support the local economy.

Caymanian job-seekers will be given full training to operate and maintain this among other rides in Cay-Mania, the Caribbean’s largest amusement-water park and home to the terror of the seas, Cayman’s own Flying Tortoise.’

Casino my backside. Bah! Give Caymanians an honest living.

Chris Kozicki