East End sees community league

The Department of Sports would like to inform the public of its upcoming East End Under-13 five-a-side community football league.

The competition is set to begin next Saturday, September 19.

Boys and girls are encouraged to participate as registration is free.

The East End league is one of several planned for Cayman.

The leagues have a number of straightforward objectives including:

Using sports as a social tool for positive socialization and character building

Increasing levels of participation in communities and promoting active living to produce healthier societies and lower obesity and stress levels

Providing more positive, controlled environments for the youth of the community

Fostering volunteerism in residents and encouraging more family activities within communities.

A pre-registration drive began last week at the beach cabanas across from the East End United Church Hall from 9-11 am.

Residents are encouraged to register their children quickly to ensure placement in the program.

Interested persons can get in touch with Mrs. Vernie Watler-Harris or Mr. Darrell Rankine to get into the camp.

Registration forms are available for download at www.departmentofsports.com/forms.html under the Community Sports Section.

All forms must be accompanied with a completed ‘parent code of conduct’ form.

Forms can be scanned and emailed to Vernie Watler-Harris at [email protected].