Quappe tapped as health inspector

For the first time, Cayman has an inspector who will investigate medical complaints and monitor health facilities.

Barrie Quappé, began work this month as the Department of Health Regulatory Services’ health practice and facilities inspector.

‘It has never been done before, and all of the standards and checklists for the facilities have to be updated and reviewed and put in place,’ said Mrs. Quappé.

The initial part of her job will involve researching and establishing the standards, policies and guidelines for health facilities to bring them in line with Cayman’s health practice legislation and registration regulations.

She will also be responsible for responding to complaints from the public, once procedures to lodge complaints are put in place.

Her job will entail making annual inspections of about 90 facilities, including hospitals, private medical clinics and pharmacies.

‘I’ll be looking at every avenue of health care, from the large hospital to individual physicians, private and public and all facilities on all three islands,’ she said.

She is the only inspector and will be responsible for monitoring nearly 900 health care practitioners, but she insisted this did not daunt her.

Mrs. Quappé said, “I am itching for a challenge. I saw the advertisement and I was so excited, I said ‘wow, this is something I would love to get into’. Coming off doing investigations and having a medical background, for me personally, it was a perfect marriage of skills I had acquired.’

Mrs. Quappé, who has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Viterbo University, Wisconsin, worked as a nurse in the US where she gained inspection process experience under the US’ Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare. When she returned to Cayman, she worked as a cardiovascular nursing specialist at the Cayman Islands Hospital, before a nursing supervisory stint with the Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital.

She has served on the Health Services Authority Board and the Nursing and Midwifery Council. She produced a self-help recording for managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and has worked as a reviewer for a medical encyclopaedia. Most recently she served as an analyst for the Complaints Commissioner’s Office.

She started work on 1 September, days after finishing at the Office of the Complaints Commissioner, where she worked for two years.

‘We are extremely pleased with Mrs. Quappé’s appointment. As inspector she will play a vital role in ensuring continued and improved patient care for our residents,’ said the Department of Health Regulatory Services deputy director Dr. Angella Glidden.

The department was formed in 2008 to streamline the administration of the Health Insurance and Health Practice commissions.