Young UDP group takes stage

The United Democratic Party is grooming young men and women to take over the next generation of leadership in the Cayman Islands.

Young UDP group

From left, Mathew Leslie, Ruthanna Young, Cindy Adam, Richard Cristian, Sherri Bodden-Cowhan, LoGB McKeeva Bush, Mathew Adam, Katherine Holmes and David Gordon. Photo: Stuart Wilson

The Young United Democratic Party was introduced at the Westin Casuarina last week.

The meeting was an opportunity for the executive council of the youth branch of the UDP to introduce themselves, increase public awareness of their intentions and let others know how they may become involved with the movement.

The Executive Council of the YUDP is comprised of President Richard Christian, Vice President David Gordon, Treasurer Katherine Holmes, Assistant Treasurer Cindy Adam, Secretary Mathew Adam, Fundraising Committee Chairman Mathew Leslie and Public Relations Officer Ruthanna Young.

Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush said the party system is here to stay.

‘The days of the independent candidate are over,’ he said.

He added that he was pleased to have such promising young people in the YUDP and encouraged more involvement on the part of Cayman’s youth.

‘All efforts are wasted if everyone is not enjoying the success and potential of these Islands,’ remarked Mr. Bush, who also stressed the importance of loyalty and working together.

He urged the young people to be prepared as he ‘would only be passing this way but once,’ and passed on some political advice to his potential successors: ‘Go where you would not usually go, talk to those you wouldn’t normally talk to and never feel you are above those you serve,’ he cautioned.

The group is focused on making changes as well as giving input to the current leadership. youthful perspective.

Mr. Christian said the group firmly believes in grooming the next generation of leaders for the Cayman Islands.

He insisted that it is never too early to get youngsters involved in politics and the issues that affect them, adding that one of the benefits of being involved with the YUDP is the ability to communicate directly with leaders.