Today’s Editorial September 14: ‘They got everything wrong …everything’

Lyndon Martin is not guilty on charges of lying to police and actions tending and intended to pervert the course of public justice.

This is the end of a two year long investigation, $10 million in costs and what seems likely to be several forthcoming lawsuit settlements at the expense of the Cayman Islands government.

Say it ain’t so, Stu, say it ain’t so.

We, of course, must apologise for referring to Cayman Islands Governor Stuart Jack so informally. He is still His Excellency the Governor until sometime in November.

But we at the Caymanian Compass fear his decision-making with regard to recent public integrity investigations has been far from excellent.

Because as poor, as wrong and as indefensible as the actions of the Operation Tempura team were…their efforts could not have been made without support from HE the Governor, the Attorney General and the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office all the way through.

So once again, the Caymanian Compass asks, what about the money? Millions of dollars have come out of the Cayman Islands coffers to pay for this bungle.

We’ve already had an official apology from UK attorney Martin Polaine to Justice Alexander Henderson for the role he played in Operation Tempura, which led to the judge’s arrest and search of his home. A judicial review found the search warrants were not valid and Mr. Henderson was subsequently paid $1.275 million in damages; money that came from the Cayman Islands; not from the governor or the UK.

Mr. Trevor Burke QC eloquently and poignantly elucidated the key issue in his closing speech at the trial: Operation Tempura got everything wrong, everything.

So what can be done to set things right, aside from a few victims of this investigation suing and collecting a payday from the beleaguered local government?

Any suggestions, Mr. Governor?