Judge clears courtroom during murder hearing

After an ex parte application made In Chambers by Crown Counsel Nicola Moore for Summary Court proceedings involving three men who face murder charges to take place ‘in camera,’ Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale ordered the court room to be cleared on Wednesday.

Patrick Elbert McField, Osbourne Wilfred Douglas and Brandon Mikkyle Leslie are charged with the 5 July murder of 28-year-old Omar Samuels, which took place at an after-hours party on School Road in George Town.

In making the order, the Magistrate told the court that there were no exceptions and journalists were also asked to leave.

Both journalists on hand during the proceedings were asked to exit the courtroom and advised that, ‘with what is happening in the community, it is important to not publish pictures of those involved in these proceedings nor anything that could lead to the identification of any witnesses in the case,’ by Mrs. Hale.

Though the order is meant to last for the duration of Summary Court proceedings in this particular matter, it has not been established if the same rule will apply in mentions of other murder charges in the Summary Court.