Amusement park way to go

This is in response to the letter, ‘Visitors say buy’.

This doesn’t have to be. Locals need to be given opportunities to manage enterprises, make money from them, maintain them, and support the local economy.

Get locals involved.

And I don’t mean more nightclubs, restaurants, and heaven forbid – casinos! We already see what happens at nightclubs.

Locals need to be involved in something fun, something mechanical, something technical, that would be their own and their responsibility – succeed or fail. My amusement park concept is one avenue, and I propose it be of Cayman, by Cayman and for Cayman. I can even point folks in the direction of several key world-class installers of amusement devices and park-scapers. It must not be another ‘Six Flags’ franchise, where the money goes into the coffers of a corporate enclave.

Locals could serve as surveyors, demolition/dynamite experts, builders, landscapers, ticket-takers, ride operators, food vendors, maintenance crews, safety co-ordinators, accountants, supervisors, and managers of this complex. Percentages of the profits from admissions, food, souvenirs, etc., would be strictly regulated and parlayed into Island capital projects (public works, etc.), instead of into the pockets of corporate stakeholders as in the case of the aforementioned Six Flags.

And don’t worry about the likes of hurricanes – steel amusement construction has kept ahead of pace of such ‘interruptions’.

Chris Kozicki