Crime out of control in CI

My wife and I ‘discovered’ Cayman in 1990 and we returned in 1992 and every year thereafter.

We purchased a condo in 1996 and our family has spent Christmas in Cayman every year since. Our four sons, now men with one about to become a father, continue to enjoy Cayman all these years. We will be back for Christmas this year. Some of our sons were certified for scuba in Cayman. All have dived the wonderful dive sites. We have enjoyed the restaurants, the caves, the Botanical gardens, Rum Point, the old Holiday Inn with the Barefoot Man, fishing, the annual Christmas lights displayed by the Cayman people and more. We have watched Cayman grow all these years, some good, some not so good.

What has made Cayman so special all these years is what Cayman offers that you can’t find at other warm climate destinations – the people. To your credit, the Caymanian people are the most kind, courteous and warmest people we have ever met in our travels. Caymanians are quietly reserved meaning those with means do not flaunt it. Caymanians are quite religious and take their religion seriously. The main reason we settled in the Cayman Islands is because of you, the people along with the stability of your government.

There are few warm weather destinations where the people are as kind and considerate as in the Cayman Islands.

Events of late threaten all of what Cayman and its people have strived to achieve all these years. The primary function of any government is to protect its citizens and those within its borders. The stability of your government and the feeling of being safe and secure while staying in Cayman are the two most important criteria one considers when visiting a tourist destination or in purchasing land in a foreign jurisdiction.

Cayman’s stability over the years coupled with its people is your main tourist attraction. It is a mistake to believe that it is your sun, sand and sea that is the main attraction. These can be found anywhere it is warm. There are many ‘warm’ destinations but your stability is what makes Cayman special.

Recent events, and the increase in crime over the past several years, threaten to ruin everything Cayman has strived to achieve over many, many years. Crime is rampant. Burglaries are occurring at an obscene pace. Now we have armed robberies and assaults; homicides on the rise. My wife will be in Cayman later this year and I have cautioned her about shopping in West Bay. We never had to even think about safety in Cayman. It was a given.

If anything has the potential to ruin Cayman forever, rampant crime and the lack of safety and stability for your people and tourists alike will do it. Sadly, we read about crime and these other negative events in your press virtually on a daily basis. What we don’t hear or read are responses from the government. Unless I have missed something, where are responses from McKeeva Bush and the Chief of Police outlining detailed plans to immediately confront crime? Cayman needs to treat the rise in criminal behaviour as a ‘crisis’ giving it the same attention you would to a natural disaster; an immediate, targeted and overwhelming response. Pass new laws if needed. The immigration department should immediately create a task force to review all non-Caymanians’ status and round up overstayers where ever they may be. Absent an immediate and targeted response, Cayman will forever and, perhaps, irretrievably, lose its status as one of the safest destinations in the Caribbean with the highest standard of living. While writing this, it occurs to me that this is already the case. McKeeva: on behalf of my family and, most importantly, all of the Caymanian people, I beg you to bring in experts if necessary and implement a targeted and over whelming response to these issues. Eradicate this crime wave and re-establish the safety and security of your people immediately. Please save Cayman now!

Douglas Shearer