Bird strike for CAL plane

A Cayman Airways engine sucked in a bird during a take-off from Grand Cayman Friday morning and had to return to the gate.

Cayman Airways flight KX604 to Kingston, Jamaica from Grand Cayman at 7am Friday struck a bird which stuck in one if its engines during the take-off run while the aircraft was still on the runway.

The airline said that as a safety measure, the captain discontinued the takeoff without further incident and returned to the gate where the passengers were transferred to a different aircraft, which departed at 7.50am.

The affected aircraft was removed from service to facilitate repairs, and no significant disruptions to the airline’s flight schedule from this event are anticipated, a press release noted.

‘Cayman Airways is committed to safety as the primary focus of our daily operations, and we extend apologies for any inconvenience caused to passengers from this event,’ said the release.