Faded fingerprint found at crime scene

More details on victim’s social life

Scenes of Crime Officer Ronnie Pollard was scheduled to continue his evidence Monday after he told the court on Friday that he had found a faded fingerprint on a door near where Martin Gareau’s body was found on the morning of 20 May 2008.

Mr. Pollard is the Crown’s sixth witness in the trial of Josue Carrillo-Perez, 29, who is accused of murdering Mr. Gareau, 47. Mr. Gareau’s body was discovered at his Beach Bay home after he failed to show up for work the morning following the May holiday weekend.

The officer set out his academic training and said he had processed in the region of 500 crime scenes.

In this case he took the photos of the scene, processing and printing them. Photos showed the deceased lying on the floor in the laundry room area of the ground level garage. He also took pictures of the upstairs living quarters and the connecting staircase. In court, he pointed out the areas of what appeared to be blood, both upstairs and down.

Mr. Pollard explained that the exterior door of the premises led to a small foyer with the stairs immediately ahead. To the left side, a door led to the garage area. It was during his examination of this door that he noted a faded fingerprint.

He photographed the area and then called the officer in charge, who used a chemical called Amido Black to enhance the mark further. He photographed it again.

In opening the case last Wednesday, Senior Crown Counsel Trevor Ward told Justice Roy Anderson that when sample fingerprints of Carrillo-Perez were compared with fingerprint impressions on the door, an expert concluded that they were made by the same person.

That evidence had not been formally presented by the end of court on Friday.

Two police witnesses who gave evidence before Mr. Pollard told of interviews with two women. One, named Maria, had been described by a previous witness as someone with whom Mr. Gareau would have liked to have had an intimate relationship.

Asked by Defence Attorney Anthony Akiwumi if Maria was a ‘person of interest’ in the investigation, Detective Constable Richard Clarke replied, ‘She was a person known to the investigation by reason of information that she was in a relationship with the deceased.’ He did not know if the relationship was intimate.

Maria indicated she had been to Mr. Gareau’s house previously. Mr. Clarke agreed Maria had said she was invited to the house as a guest, but he was not sure if the occasion was a barbecue. She was driven to the house by Carrillo-Perez and another female.

Asked if the other female was a girlfriend of Carrillo-Perez, Maria said yes, Mr. Clarke reported. She said the three of them had attended Mr. Gareau’s home a few weeks before he was discovered dead.

Mr. Clarke also told of his visit to a hotel on Seven Mile Beach ‘to establish the account given as to the whereabouts of Mr. Carrillo and his girlfriend during that weekend.’

He produced a printout from the hotel in the name of Josue Carrillo which showed a check-in time of 4.14pm on Sunday, 18 May 2008 and a check-out time of 10.17am on Tuesday, 20 May.

The slain man’s cousin, Gilles Langlois, has given evidence that the last time he spoke with Mr. Gareau was around midday on Sunday, 18 May.

Justice Anderson is hearing the matter without a jury.