Free cooking lessons for local students

Lighthouse Restaurant Executive Chef Remy Azavedo wants to send the myths surrounding the hospitality industry up in smoke.

‘Kids don’t think much of the hospitality industry they think it’s beneath them. I think they will be very surprised when they find out how much money waiters, cooks, and others can make,’ said Chef Remy.

In order to change those mindsets, the Lighthouse studio kitchen will serve as the playground where Chef Remy feeds the imagination and creativity of school kids ages seven years and older.

‘It’s a hands-on cooking class,’ Chef Remy said.

‘I’ll provide the instruction and tools but I’m not going to be doing it, they are.’

All that’s required of participants is that they have a genuine interest in cooking, a healthy appetite for food, and they are willing to think outside the box.

‘It’s not always about fast food; you have to step outside of fast food,’ he said.

He believes one reason burgers and fries are so popular is that there’s a misconception that cooking is a messy, time consuming chore.

So he has created a series of menus filled with easy, quick, no fuss, just great tasting healthy foods that both younger and older kids can make for their families using only one or two pans.

The culinary expert isn’t just promoting health eating habits.

He wants his passion of food to inspire students to expand their horizons and open their minds to just how fun, rewarding, and lucrative a career as a chef can be.

‘I want to take the fear out of them. It all starts with the right attitude and you never stop learning. I wouldn’t be surprised if I learn something from them myself,’ he said.

The free programme is being offered to all schools on the Islands, and Chef Remy has already received reservations from John Gray High School, St. Ignatius, Prospect Primary, and North Side Primary.

Seating is limited to ten students per class.

For more information on the cooking classes you can contact Chef Remy at 947-2047 or by email at [email protected]